— Mission Statement —

At VISUALITE, we design, engineer, and manufacture electronic control gear (ECG) that makes intelligent lighting possible. We specialize in LED drivers and ECG for other kinds of solid-state lighting (SSL) products. Our goal is to place control of the lighting experience back in the hands of lighting designers and end-users, while minimizing wasteful energy consumption. We are committed to helping our customers corner their market in the lighting industry and produce top-class, application-specific lighting that is clean, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing.


Electronic Control Gear (ECG) are an important type of lighting equipment that supplies the correct voltage necessary to start your lamp and controls the amount of current directed toward it. This is crucial because the voltage and current supplied by your mains electricity may not match the requirements for a given light fixture. ECG are responsible for ensuring that the power from your mains electricity does not prematurely burn out your lamp. LED drivers are a type of ECG used specifically for LED lamps.

ECG can also be used to regulate the power output, intensity, and color of your lamp. Modern ECG are increasingly incorporating “smart” and programmable technologies to afford users a greater degree of flexibility and nuance in how they choose to experience lighting. As expectations for lighting control over the years have shifted toward “smart lighting”, so too have we. In addition to the main line of ECG products listed in our standard catalog, we also manufacture custom components with more sophisticated features such as Internet of Things (IoT) and Sensing capabilities. Although these smart drivers do not yet appear in our catalog, we have completed multiple successful IoT lighting projects. Please contact us below for more information about our smart drivers.

You may also browse our standard line of products in our online catalog here:


Our factory comes fully equipped with an array of state-of-the-art manufacturing apparatus, which allows us to make, assemble, and test a wide variety of lighting components. We offer the following services:

Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

Design for Manufacturability (DFM) is an approach to product design that optimizes the manufacturability of a product concept. It involves revising a product’s design to:

-Lower labor and overhead costs

-Reduce materials and minimize waste

-Meet standards and technical requirements

-Improve quality and reliability

-Shorten the product development cycle

This allows us to maximize the scalability of your project and streamline the manufacturing process. Our experienced engineers are on hand to help translate your ideas into actionable plans. Additionally, we source all our materials locally, which helps to reduce costs and turnaround time while simultaneously supporting local industries.

Project Management

Upon initiation of a collaboration, your project will be assigned to a personal Project Manager. Your Project Manager will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of your project’s plan as it pertains to design and manufacturing. Your Project Manager will set goals, generate timelines, and remain in constant close communication with your team about updates, progress and new developments.

In-House Team

All of our services are executed by a 100% in-house team. We do not outsource our work, and are proud to state that our product design, R&D, electronic engineering, and manufacturing are all carried out by members of the VISUALITE family. Some of the benefits of working with an in-house team include:

Improved communication

Cost reduction

Efficient processes

Streamlined operations

Faster production

Established familiarity with ideals, standards, and project goals

Quality Control

Our company places a strong emphasis on maintaining the quality of our products. Our quality control managers play a critical role in our process, and are committed to upholding the quality standards and expectations of your project to the highest degree. Our methodology relies heavily on Lean Six Sigma  techniques. Click here to learn more about our quality control practices.

— Our Approach —

The VISUALITE method is based on the following guiding principles:


Our interdisciplinary team is comprised of experts with extensive backgrounds in lighting, engineering, communications, and firmware. We draw inspiration from diverse fields to bring creative ideas to the table. We are solutions-oriented, and we see challenges as opportunities to overcome longstanding limitations in the lighting industry by experimenting with novel methods and technologies.


The lighting industry is fast-paced and specifications are constantly shifting. Our company is highly responsive to consumers’ needs, and our efforts to anticipate and stay ahead of market demands have always served our customers well. Our small size, robust R&D Department, and extensive professional network allows us to remain flexible and adapt to quick changes without compromising quality or production volume.


Every lighting project that we embark on has a human application. We look beyond the technical specifications of a project and envision lighting through the eyes of the people who will inhabit the space.  Though each part of a project—the setting, the optical design, the technical requirements, DLC standards—is important to us, it is the intended user’s visual experience that ties everything together and drives our holistic focus.


Our business relationships are formed around partnerships. We understand that many different groups may be involved in taking a project from conception to launch, and we are committed to working with all parties to ensure the success of your lighting project. We work closely with you and your collaborators to understand the optical and environmental needs, logistics, as well as the larger goals of your project as a whole.

— WHY LED ? —

Lighting accounts for a significant portion of electricity usage in the U.S. As of 2017, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports lighting as the third-largest share of U.S. electricity consumption in both the residential and commercial sectors. Although the advent of SSL technology in the late 2000s has offered a much more energy-efficient solution to lighting than previous options, the market has been slow to adopt. The International Energy Agency (IEA) reports that only 15% of total residential lamp sales in 2015 could be attributed to high-efficiency LED lamps, indicating a significant potential for growth and expansion.

By developing LED drivers, we hope to facilitate a shift towards more widespread use of energy-efficient LED products, which are less wasteful of resources than other lighting technologies and therefore reduce our impact on the environment. Moreover, working with LED allows us to achieve better results with high efficacy, and offers unparalleled diversity of choice in color and intensity design.


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